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About Me

Brenda Lee Rogers has been called “The Dancing Lady” . You will often see her gracefully floating around various dance venues, engaging everyone she meets with an infectious smile and kind words.

At the early age of five, Brenda Lee discovered she could entertain adults and make them smile or laugh with her impromptu dancing performances. From that moment forward, dance and movement became her life.

At age 17, with her mother chaperoning, Brenda Lee was dancing professionally in Reno. That led to a lifetime of dance and movement classes ranging from ballet, tap, acrobatics, and modern to jazz.

Brenda Lee has operated her own dance studio in southern California and taught wellness classes to seniors in assisted living homes, many of whom use walkers and wheelchairs. She also spent 14 years working in drug and alcohol treatment centers. And Brenda Lee was a pioneer in developing fitness programs for employees of major corporations.

In fact, you may well have seen her in one of her numerous TV appearances, including with legendary TV superstar Regis Philbin.

In 2004, Brenda wrote her first book, Reach for Your Rainbow, A Gentle Fitness Guide. Literally thousands of people have benefited from Brenda Lee’s fitness secrets over the years.

Now, after eight years of enjoying retirement and reaching the magic 80-year mark, Brenda Lee can’t quit. She is committed to sharing more of her dream and enhancing the lives of residents in her beloved community.

Dance therapy has been described as the “psychotherapeutic use of movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration of the individual.”

In other words, Brenda Lee is especially skilled in sharing ways to move, either sitting or standing, which you can further enhance through your favorite music. Tuning in to your body, Brenda Lee says, is a great way to experience joy, bliss, exhilaration, love, and peace. You will also gain more energy, a sense of well-being and purpose, and a deeper love of life as you move into the “zone.”

“My dream is to share this gift of dance/movement therapy with you and your neighbors. I envision a time when hundreds of seniors will be gently moving their bodies to music while stimulating their brain’s pleasure centers. It’s never too early to get started.”

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